Services Offered at De Cillo Equine Clinic

Wellness Programs/General Equine Health Farm/Barn Calls
Primary and preventive health care programs for all age equines including electronic EIA/ Coggins services. Our veterinarians are available for mobile visits to your barn/facility on a regular basis.
Full Care Hospital Emergency Ambulatory Services
Offering 24-hour equine care. Emergency evaluation, care, and treatment for horses.
Extensive Lameness Exams Pre-Purchase Evaluations & Insurance Exams
Tailored to each animal’s needs in an effort to locate even the most subtle lameness. Exams are customized to fit each prospective buyer’s needs and each individual horse.
IRAP Therapy Sports Medicine Treatment & Rehabilitation
IRAP Therapy  offers a regenerative response to inflammation within joints and can offer an alternative management tool for the equine athlete. Medical and rehabilitation programs created for the event and competition horse, including arthritis management, are a key element to our practice.
Performance Dentistry Digital Radiology
We float each individual horse’s teeth according to their specific needs. We offer the latest in computerized digital radiology, providing clients with the clearest technology in equine digital radiographic imaging available.
Ultrasonic Services In-House Laboratory
We use ultrasound machines for diagnosis of a variety of conditions including lameness and abdominal diseases as well as routinely use the ultrasound for the evaluation of reproductive cycles and pregnancy in the broodmare. We offer in-house laboratory services including CBC and serum chemistry profiles.
Endoscopic Services Breeding Farm Services
The use of a fiber optic endoscope, a key tool in the diagnosis of many conditions, allows EVS Doctors the opportunity to visualize the anatomical structures within the horse. We are full service breeding clinic offering reproductive services including fertility exams, semen evaluation, collection, shipping and freezing services as well as embryo transfer and flushing programs.